This photo is the essence of what the major trends are this season. From the fun and colorful outfits to the sun and ocean swept hair, they are capturing the beach chic look. Romper and dresses have been around for a few years but they have seemed to make a very prominent presence this season. From geometrical shapes to floral patterns, these looks need very little effort for a great outfit. These ladies are exemplifying beach chic at its finest!

The is photograph was taken from the Urban Outfitters blog, a store that I frequent often along with its sister stores, Free People and Anthropologie. I love this picture because it shows a way to incorporate jewelry and accessories to an already busy graphic tee without taking away from the over look. The stacked necklaces make an impact without overbearing the tee below. This is a hard look to pull because you have to to have the appropriate jewels that do not take away from the overall look of the outfit!