Friday’s Five Favorite Looks this Week

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  2. 20140502-004700.jpg
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  4. 20140502-004737.jpg
  5. 20140502-004913.jpg

These five outfits are my current favorites for the week due tot the fact the weather constantly changes and you never know what to expect. I am big on looking put together while adding comfort. Whitney Port portrays this look amazing by pairing a drop waist dress with patterned high top chucks. Simply having her hair pulled up in a ponytail allows her to show a side of her personality that dares to take risks with fashion. The other drop waist dress in this post, which is a style that has become very popular this season is bring and cheerful. With May just beginning, I think it is time to have more fun with bright colors, which are also extremely seen on many individuals these past few weeks. Adding laying gold necklaces, her hair is subtle waves and a shoulder length party bag can really be worn to shopping, going out for drinks, or even a date. Looking put together, from your make up to your shoes can transform a person from looking good to fabulous. The right accessories, shoes, and hair will allow am individual to have more confidence and to overall feel better about themselves and the situation they happen to be in!

The patterned coat and heeled boots paired with the multicolored satchel makes for a fabulous ensemble. Next, we see a cute dress paired with a gorgeous embroidered vest over. What makes this outfit standout is the animal print shoulder bag, which she simply paired with the long sleeve dress to add a little charm to the overall ensemble. Finally, you never can go wrong with a fun graphic tee, an embellished necklace and classic blazer to show a trendy yet sophisticated look to the outfit.

Just remember dress to impress