Skin Secrets

I am not so lucky when it comes to skincare, as my skin is super sensitive and I have an oily T-zone. Im finally learning to find what best suits my skin needs and one major factor I discovered through my my skincare adventure is that my skin is very dehydrated. I always thought that wearing moisturizer would make my skin become more oily, however I learned it is extremely important to moisturize because while I thought not using that product would help, it did the opposite. When your skin needs moisture, it causes an increase in oil production to overcompensate for your skin being without moisture.

What you need is an oil free product that works well with your routine. My new favorite is an oil free and matte formula, Effaclar Mat-the product is dermatologist tested, oil-free and non-comedogenic. It is alsoΒ my absolute favorite skincare company, La Roche Posay! This company specializes in sensitive skin and is produced in France, and we all know French women have the best skin! The company hasΒ multiple products that can fit any skins‘ need, so you should definitely check it out if you are having trouble finding a non irriatating, yet effective skincare. Although, the price can be a little high, the products last forever!



Let me know if you try any awesome products out! I always love hearing what works!

XO Erin