Bronzed Babes

With Summer starting this past Sunday, it is officially time to hit the beach in your newest bikini of the season! If you are still sporting your winter skin color, look no further because I am suggesting my top choices for self tanning products that will provide a natural, skin kissed glow that take less than a day to develop into a gorgeous color! With new technology and products available, everyone is able to find a self tanning product. From high end to drugstore prices, there is a wide range of options!

I love being in the sun, especially growing up living by the beach; getting tan is a summer favorite and results in everyone looking amazing! I have found awesome self tanners for both the body and face that work wonders! My current favorite self tanner for my body is St. Tropez Self Tan Express, which I apply with the application mitt–best invention ever! This product allows you to determine the shade you would like to achieve by waiting 1-3 hours before showering. One hour will provide you with the lightest shade whereas three hours with the deepest. The formula is similar to the original St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse and does not have that well-known self tanner scent. It has a smooth application and drying process is quick, but if you need to speed up the drying process, an easy tip is to use a blowdryer on your skin to make the product dry faster. I love this product, because of the fast processing time and being in control of the level of tan you want to achieve.

I just received the Kate Somerville360 Face Self Tanning Pads! This was my first time trying out the product and the results were fabulous! The application process is so simple and mess free. The tanning product is preapplied to a small mitt that is big enough for two fingers to fit into and then you sweep the the solution in circles around your face and neck. Even with my acne prone and super sensitive skin, I did not breakout from this product. It takes 2-4 hours to develop and I received a nice natural summer glow. Similar to the St. Tropez product I use on my body, this product by Kate Somerville gives you the option of how deep you would like the color to be by how often you choose to use the product. With just two applications, I have a bronzed face and barely have to wear any foundation! I highly recommend Kate Somerville’s360 Face Self Tanning Pads because they provide a natural color and are designed to diminish the appearance of of lines and wrinkles!
  This year alone has brought about many new product launches, especially in the beauty and skincare realm. One product I am looking forward to receiving in the mail is a new addition to the St. Tropez family that is able to achieve a natural tan while in the shower! St. Tropez’s In-Shower Gradual Tan is proven to keep skin hydrated and develop into a natural tan over time. The product has been formulated to lather on skin, while also having a smooth application process over wet skin. It is to be left on for three minutes with the water turned off then you are to rinse the the formula off. Even after you rinse the product off after three minutes the formula is developing still on your skin without any smell. To achieve and maintain a year long sun-kissed glow, it is recommended to use three times a week. This is an all natural product and is paraben, sulphate and phthalate free. It is being sold at a retail price of $25 at Ulta. I look forward to testing out this new product launch and will be sure to leave a review based on my experience in the near future!


Although everyone is able to reach a bronzed color with the variety of options available, it is extremely important to make sure that sunscreen is applied throughout your days at the beach! The risk of an individual getting skin cancer continually increases each year, showing the importance of applying sunblock daily. Sun spots, premature aging and wrinkles are also caused by sun damage, making it prominent to find a great sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays!

Please let me know if you have or know any amazing self tanning products that work wonders. I would love to hear!

xo Erin