Fabulous in Fringe

The 70s style has come back and is making a statement in style! From bell bottoms to crops tops and bright prints- everything scream boho chic with a touch of Pucci!

Fringe being one trend that shouts out bohemian hipster, or in other words a Coachella attendee, has been around for a few years now. However, this year in particular, fringe is expanding its usual item of choice, a purse or bag and is making a huge appearance in jewelry and clothing. From bright fringe earrings and necklaces to hand woven fringe on shorts or shirts, it is sure taking a run for its money. With added touches, such as golden hues and vibrant colors with less brown and black, it is attracting more than the usual hipster.

As you will see below, the first image is of a Rebecca Minkoff Gold Fringe Clutch. Now if that is not screaming glam, I’m not sure what is. In addition you will see shoes, jewelry, clothing and other accessories adorned with fringe!



Do you think the fringe trend is here to last or will be forgotten soon? Leave a reply because I really am curious as to what everyone believes will happen to the fate of fringeπŸ™‚

xo Erin