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Tons of styles have been seen throughout summer so far, but I wanted to put a spot light on the checkered pattern trend. This pattern is usually seen in the winter months when you are wearing cozy flannels or scarfs. However, this spring and summer has been filled with a variety of styles that incorporate the checkered and grid like themes into a fabulous outfit.

Below, I will show you some of my favorite outfits that illustrate this savvy style since I believe it will continue into the fall and winter months this year unlike some trends that only are able to be worn in the summer season. The clean look of lines and structure of grid like pattern have the ability to be worn throughout all seasons depending on how and what the outfit consists of and of course what colors it contains.

One brand known for their classic, preppy and plaid is Burberry. It is the company’s signature print and no other brands can mimic the structured and clean lines the plaid has. The brand makes pieces for every season – from coats and rain boots to polo shirts and skirts. This directly shows how classic prints have the ability and versatility to have options for all seasons, yet they all include the consistent pattern or print.

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What do you find appealing about this trend if you do at all? Do you think it will last all year? Let me know with a comment below and be sure to share the post if you enjoyed it:)

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    What do you find most attractive about this trend?