Parallel Please

Prints and patterns have been making a huge success in fashion this year, but Stripes have been around forever and I believe the design will never go out of style. From the variety of items they are displayed on, such as shoes, skirts, bags and button up blouses-stripes are a stylish staple all should own.

One clothing item that sports stripes and stands out from the rest in the images below is the blue and white striped buttoned down blouse. I have seen this around for years, but recently it has become a must have piece to own. I believe it is due to its versatility, because you can wear it tucked in, tied up, worn open, as a swimsuit cover up, as well as layering fun colors underneath or with jewelry. To me this is the new chambray shirt of the season, because it has an ocean vibe with the blue and white and goes with everything! If you have not picked one up yet, I highly encourage you to. They can be found at many stores and at every price points!

Check out images below and try to think about what items you could wear stripes with and if it fits your personal style. 



I love stripes and are staple design in my wardrobe. It is always fun mixing prints and changing the way a clothing item is supposed to be worn, personal style. Are you a fan of stripes? Can you see yourself wearing the design in the future? Let me know with a reply below!

xo Erin