Savvy in Spring

The rain has stopped for the most part in Northern California and sun is out, which makes us all want to get into the summer spirit. However, for someone like myself who lived in Los Angeles for 7 years, I still get freezing in skirts and have to wear light coat most days. The wind is something I always have to take into account in San Francisco and at night it is necessary to wear a jacket. I found a favorite outfit for this time of the year and think it is perfect. I am going to try to incorporate this type of look into my routine while we transition into this new season!

Cara Jourdan from A Fashion Love Affair

I am absolutely obsessed with this outfit. Not only is she wearing raw hemmed jeans with lace up flats, she is wearing a crochet textured top with a brown suede fitted jacket. The brown is much more less intense than a black jacket and stays with the neutral pallete for her outfit.

Her Goyard tote is a perfect bag to wear around town if going to to the farmers market, running errands or simply need the extra space.  Her oversized cateye sunglasses are chic and are very much still in style. Finally even though her shoes are black, the lace up detail allows these to be an item that can be worn throughout the year.

Finally, can we please talk about the hair? The amazing beachy waves with it half up in a bun. With pieces framing her face, she has the best hair I have seen in a while and I am envious of it.

Hope you enjoyed and have an amazing Monday!

xo Erin